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Pac-Man Restoration March 26, 2010

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This is the machine that really started this as a hobby for me. Unfortuantely, I didn't take "before" photos or any of the restoration process. It was trying to work, but the monitor was completely dead and the cabinet was in horrendous shape.

My philosophy on restoring a machine is to get it working first so you know what you have. A local game tech helped me with the monitor repairs--it had several major issues. But, success! Pac-Man came back to life.

My first restored Pac-Man

The most time consuming and challenging part was restoring the graphics. Almost half of it was gone on the kick panel and what was left was peeling away. The sides were a little better, but everything had to go. Problem. You can no longer buy stencils and I really didn't want to apply the self-adhesive vinyl--it's really expensive and doesn't provide that original appearance.

So how'd I get it looking like new (sans the blue spatter which I doesn't really appeal to me)? I'll be showing you as I do it this time. That was way too much effort to leave undocumented. So here we go!

This is my latest Pac-Man aquistion--$200.00 for a working (kind of) machine with a lot of potential. (I already removed the control panel & monitor):

My latest Pac-Man machine

I found this Pac-Man locally in a laundromat. It had been turned into a Ms. Pac-Man w/speed-up chip. It wasn't in bad shape externally, but the once great Wells Gardner monitor had horrendous burn-in, a torn right side image (probably a dead transistor), poor color purity (needs new capacitors), and weak guns in the CRT. Ouch. That's as close as you can get to "dumpster fill".

New Wells Gardner monitor
But... SCORE!!! I found a brand new Wells Gardner 19"--problem solved. If you haven't removed one of these before BE CAREFUL! The CRT has a high-voltage charge that will knock you into tomorrow if you touch the wrong place. Other than that, it's mechanically easy-- just disconnect, unlatch and remove the control panel, loosen or remove the glass bezel bracket in back, gently slide out the glass bezel.

Remove the smoked Plexiglass® and monitor shroud. Disconnect the power wires, logic wires, and ground from the monitor. BE SURE YOU IDENTIFY THE CORRECT ORIENTATION OF ALL WIRES & CONNECTORS. There are four bolts that you must remove on the cross brackets, then slide the monitor and bracket assembly out the back.

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